Living the life of a creative is not always easy, but we all do it.

Whether we realize it or not 🙂

  • How do you find the courage to discover and follow your passion?
  • How to deal with uncertainty, rejection, making “mistakes” and bouncing back.
  • How to say “Yes” to life!

Get in on this dynamic discussion about acting and the art-form of life as our Pep Editor Ann Pirvu sits down with filmmakers Lucah Rosenberg-Lee and J. Mitchel Reed, the hosts of Natural Element – a series focused on Toronto hustlers who share their ups and downs, continuing to motivate themselves within their chosen fields.

Lucah is a passionate entrepreneur, producer, creator and public speaker with a special focus on sharing the story of his gender transition with the world. Mitchel Reed is an award-winning filmmaker and the master of independent production, currently producing his 7th film.

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