At any given moment you are attracting what you are ready for. Know that.
With your whole heart❤️

Know that that’s a wonderful reality, regardless of what the present conditions seem to dictate. And that the list of what the universe has ready for you…
It’s LIMITLESS! You attract
what you are ready for.
What a wonderful thought!

What a wonderful way to be progressive in your lifestyle because all you therefore have to do is pave the way. Pave the feeling for what you want to be ready for, always starting with anything that brings you joy✨✨✨ Anything that lights up your soul. Nurture that relationship between you and the higher you 😉 And the possibilities are limitless!

So ready yourself on purpose.

We are in constant co-creative harmony with people all over the planet, and there are always people who are ready for you. And you are ready for them.

Ready yourself this very moment, wherever you are. By taking a minute to appreciate you. Unconditionally. And the part that you most want to play in this big, beautiful world will have no choice but to unfold before you… in the most meaningful way. And all you’ll have to do then… is just walk it.

What does “ready yourself on purpose” mean to you? We promise a future Pep blog explaining our “how to-s,” but first we’d love to feature some of your most thought-provoking responses, so make sure you sound-off in the comments section below and become part of our #PepSquad!

Alamy Photography

Happy Soulful Saturday and a very special THANK YOU to @fusionstudio4u @anatolyicherkasov and @gettyimages for the fun snaps from an incredible
event that had our Pep Editor Ann Pirvu surrounded by inspiring, creative, talented, generous, vibrant boss ladiez this October, walking in the first ever Toronto Women’s Fashion Week #WomensFashion4Hope Charity Fashion Show. Proceeds benefited the Kol Hope Foundation at Easter Seals – improving the lives of children with disabilities by acquiring wheelchairs and respite care.

Please make sure to check out this wonderful cause online for more information and remember to always…. Pep Life!