Pep Editor Ann Pirvu digs in with “Professional Talker” Allison Dore

We each have a very personal lens through which we perceive the world. And even though we’re constantly changing and evolving, the quality that I’ve always appreciated most in people I admire, people I respect – people “of my heart”
is the consistency of kindness and grace to allow those changes. To accept, embrace, and admire that individual evolution; that progression of who you are as a human being, instead of trying to impose upon it or contain it.

The wonderful Allison Dore is most certainly someone “of my heart” ❤️ whose new “Digging In” podcast shines a light on personal truths, and our ability to share them. I have tremendous respect for her as a creative, comedienne and fantastic radio show host — but most importantly, as a fearless and free-spirited human being eager to dig in to aspects of life that truly matter.

This week I had the utmost pleasure of sitting down for an in-depth chat with this lovely gem!
Listen in and get inspired👇🏻👇🏻
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Episode Description:
“We start this conversation talking about deliberate thinking. Find out what Ann thinks our “job” is in life, how social media can be a blessing and a curse, and why human connection and communication is so important. She has also created @pepmag to inspire and encourage everyone, but particularly young people, to live their best life.”

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