Emotionality and Falling on Hard Times

T here is such wonderful comfort sometimes in the beauty of nature. And as two of my dearest friends happen to be going through emotional lows at the moment, our weekend trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario, gave me a much needed chance to pause and examine the way we handle emotional pain — from a different vantage point.

Life can sometimes deal haaaard blows. I’ve certainly had my fair share (don’t ask me about a clumsy fall on an escalator last night I’m paying for today — OUCH😹) BUT one of my favourite things about what I do for a living is talking to A LOT of people — unpacking why we (humans) do what we do, and what we SHOULD DO! I though I’d share 3 things I’ve learned along the way, about emotionality — coping methods and observations my work and research as an actor have opened my eyes to.

Hope they help enhance your emotional resilience as well 💕 Ann Pirvu

Acknowledge How You’re Feeling

It’s ok. Good and bad.
Any one of us is capable of all sorts of emotions, at all times, but most people spend their lives hiding them. And especially the more negative ones. To function. Our lizard brains are hard-wired this way for survival. To hide vulnerability. “I’m good,” we automatically say. “It’s all good.”

The truth is life is not always roses and champagne. Difficult emotions are just as much a part of us; we have to allow ourselves to go through them. Sit with them. Understand where they’re coming from without letting them get overwhelming, otherwise underlying fears can spiral our mental health out of control.
Be good to yourself and give yourself a break, even when you feel unpleasant. It’s all part of being human, and it will pass. And chances are — it will pass quicker if you acknowledge and deal, as opposed to suppress. Be true to yourself👌🏻 and make sure to continue reading Parts 2&3 in the tabs above!

Reach Out✨

The 2nd of three useful things I learned about emotionality (this one in particular inspired by the many talented and open people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with over the years in a creative space) is to let it out LOL!
After you acknowledge how you feel & decide to deal (yup, it’s a choice)
REACH OUT. Talk about it. BE OPEN with how you feel and seek advice from those you trust. 

Knowledge is power.

Because core emotions like anger, grief, heartache, joy etc. are universal, chances are others can relate to what you’re going through even if they haven’t directly experienced your situation. Different perspectives can be immensely helpful (but sometimes frustrating too, so don’t expect people to give you answers. Just talk it out and see which parts resonate and work for you :)!
Our brains are constant solution seekers. People want to help. It’s better to connect, try to understand, and come to terms…. as opposed to just spinning.

A collaborative approach not only opens your eyes to not being alone in your experience, which can be comforting in itself, but also vectors your energy outward. It channels any excess (negative) energy out and away from overwhelming your system. And you sharing could also help others in the process. Win/win❤️
Part 3 coming up!

Get ACTive✨

The third useful thing I wanted to share is perhaps the most simple conceptually (but difficult to do when you’re in the thick of it all).
▶️Do. Don’t just think. Lol.

It’s inevitable to overthink about the things that bother us most, to search for solutions and try to find answers. Sometimes numbness sets in after an emotional shock, so we often glide through life, foggy and dazed as time passes us by. And it’s always ok to feel that way. Momentarily.
Whatever you feel, at any given moment, is ok. Acknowledge it. It’s there. It won’t disappear until you deal with it, so don’t just brush it off or it can build up.
At the same time — Do something about it. Don’t let it consume you.

Develop mechanisms for yourself to snap you out of the daze, like making a point of doing things you enjoy, no matter how reluctant you are to start.

  • Work on things you’re passionate about; vector your energy out!
    Don’t feel like you have to just throw yourself into work, although feeling productive is always a positive, but don’t just sit with negative emotions that can become overwhelming long-term either.
  • Go for a walk or be active in any way. Endorphins released from physical activity help elevate your mood.
  • Be there for others. It makes you feel useful and takes your mind off your situation, even if momentarily.
  • Or do one nice thing for yourself today, something soothing or enjoyable regardless of how small.

Whatever you decide to do, do it 100%.
Commit to shifting your energy, and the energy will shift.
And maybe go visit Niagara Falls!!
How do you stay emotionally resilient? Would love to know in the comments below!