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Pep Editor Ann Pirvu on #SoulSunday Instagram Live Initiative and the inspiration behind our magazine’s new direction.

I’ve been having such a wonderful time the last few Sundays tuning in live with many of you, talking about life and sharing lessons. Stories. Ideas!!! An initiative I promise to continue, inspired by the many messages I’ve been getting from younger fans struggling with anxiety, depression, or just reaching out.
I truly appreciate those who reach out to connect and there was a question — a note we ended on that I’d love to amplify.

I was asked how I manage to “always be happy and positive.” And the truth is….. I’m not lol!
I don’t manage that always. I wouldn’t be human.
I have bad days, and hard days, and sad days when I can’t shake negative emotions.
But I always try to; once they’ve served their purpose because… negative emotions are part of life. We have to experience what we don’t want in order to realize what we do want and have a trajectory for growth. And that is a continuous process in life – it’s a given.

What I am… always… is an optimistic leaning person. A forward thinker
I strive to make the best of things where they are. To see the good in every person, in every situation; in as many of life’s experiences as I can. And then… on to the next

I choose to focus on the positive, and it’s not always easy but it’s often most rewarding.
And what brings me the most joy and keeps this mindset going is knowing that the people around me are feeling better (even if just a little bit) and that will help them function as their best selves — which, in turn, helps us all live life to the fullest. And grow! I love uplifting everyone around me because the truth is we are all, as people/development/consciousness, uplifted in the process!

So if any of this speaks to you at all, I promise to share some techniques on what helps me maintain this mindset in an upcoming blog post for a December Issue of Pep Mag.
And definitely let us all know below if you’ve got helpful techniques of your own 😉

“Love can change the world in a moment, but what do I know…” — Ed Sheeran
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