I’ve always found great joy in being Fashionably Retro – Relating, Reviving, nostalgically Revisiting the styles of the past.

This very explorative sentiment is one of my favorite aspects of doing what I do for a living.
I’ve gradually learned a way to blend the old with the new… both personally and professionally, a balance we all strike as we journey down this never ending unfolding of ourselves through life.

What we think about
we create more of.

What’s tricky sometimes is not to get stuck as you look back and examine “the past.”
Often times looking back activates past versions of ourselves that we’ve already outgrown but have had significant impact on our development, so we still care about. Old doubts, fears, insecurities and perceptions have potential to creep in and take hold if you don’t find your way back to “The Now.” The “New.” The “Preset” (and gift) that is You😉✨
The only thing that actually matters IS THE NOW.

Everything that’s ever happened so far has made you who you are, has contributed to the tapestry of your potential, but it’s what you do in your ‘now’ that will 👉🏻create👈🏻 who you’ll become. You are a constant unfolding of you. WOOOOOOOO-hoooo!

So if you ever find yourself stuck, here’s what we’ve found helpful:
        • Remind yourself, “That was then, this is now.” The best place to start is early, before a negative pattern of thought has time to gain momentum. As soon as you sense yourself getting critical, judgemental, or increasingly harsh (on yourself or as pertaining to a situation bound to stir up deep-seated insecurities) it’s as simple as catching yourself, stopping those thoughts, and using “that was then, this is now” as a jumping-off point.
        • Make peace with your past so that you’re free to embrace the ever-unfolding new you. There is so much value, and power, in examining our past behaviors, and beliefs, and taking responsibility for our part in them and in the experiences that have shaped who we’ve become. Take time to examine and get to know yourself. As often as possible, because you’re always changing lol. If you can find a way to be more generally self-aware, the process becomes less and less tedious and more enjoyable. Find a way to appreciate your personal balance between who you were and who you’ve become.
        • Thank your present self for being aware of that distinction, offering you this platform to build and grow upon.
        • CELEBRATE THE RETRO you, and therefore how far you’ve come!! Life is a continuous process of growth. We all have to start somewhere. It’s the small victories along the way, those moments that shape us, that we should always look upon fondly even if they represented times when we could say we were “less than” our full, new, awesome versions of ourselves. Look back at yourself from an optimistic perspective.
        • CHOOSE TO FOCUS on the fact that what you knew then is not what you know now 💥You couldn’t have! And that, no matter what, ALL OF IT is valuable to you.
        • To the new you 😉
          And then……

      Go forth and prosper🖖🏻
      Or, if you’re like me, get FASHIONABLY RETRO and laugh through it all — OFTEN!

    • How do you strike that retro balance ;)? Sound-off below friends, so we all learn from each other and Pep Life! xox Ann Pirvu #PepSquad
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