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We are constantly faced with the unknown… with new beginnings. And any new beginning is innately uncomfortable. Yet exciting! Tentative… but full of inspiration and promise. 

This episode explores how: 
– When everything’s uncertain, anything is possible. 
– The importance of staying open, trying, putting yourself out there and stepping out of your comfort zone — because you can’t go wrong!
– Discomfort becomes comfort with consistency and repetition.
– School, exams, stress, achievements… are all about perspective. There is value in ALL you do, if you start seeing it.
AND SO MUCH MORE! So dive right in and SEE what it takes to build comfort, trust and confidence – in you, as we explore and learn how to tackle discomfort; harnessing that energy for your benefit.
Featuring live comments, tips and opinions from all around the world — AND a 7-step how-to guide devised by Green Beret Jason Van Camp!
Who’s ready to Pep Life?! xo #PepSquad